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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  November 2, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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new york's forgotten burro. and now very much the center of attention. the toll and the frustration on the island often called the biggest small town in america. among all the damage and suffering, it is seemingly the one problem that really touched a nerve. why the new york city marathon became such a lightning rod in the wake of the storm. and it turns out one car was not as advertised. how owners will be compensated for some bad math. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. frustrations and anger mounting over gas shortages, power outages and relief supplies four days after super storm sandy. here's the latest. 110 deaths are now blamed on that storm. and that number is expected to rise as more bodies are found in destroyed homes. just over 3 million people are without power and that is down from more than 8 million during the height of the storm. and more than 47,000 runners
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have been told this weekend's new york marathon has been canceled. among the hardest hit area is staten island new york. the body of two people strapped by a 13-foot surge of water were found today. one was hanging out a window. a few hours before, one woman escaped with her three children. >> it hurts. i mean i cried for a few days, but there is nothing left to do. there is no more water in my body to cry. everything is gone and i'm accepting it now. >> reporter: today they went door to door to deliver water and food. most of the 470,000 people who live in this area are without power, unable to see news that help is on the way. >> the power is expected to go on for 160,000 homes and businesses in parts of new york city tonight. it is new to the people living in the blackout areas of manhattan, waiting all week to
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hear it. they are pumping water out of the transformers, getting ready to check them before switching it on. the lights could not come back on fast enough for the people left in the dark for days. >> i'm desperate to have the electricity here back on. and you don't realize how much you rely on it. >> reporter: the estimated 3.2 million people are still without power. 80% of them live in new york or new jersey. >> no power means no gasoline. hundreds of gas stations in new jersey and long island are waiting for the power so they could turn their pumps back on. they are in short supply though. >> hey, you're not suppose to do that. i have been waiting here for four hours. i don't believe this. >> no! >> well, it is not just electricity that is causing the gasoline shortages. the storm knocked two key
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refineries offline. the world's busiest oil port was idled until yesterday. >> we mentioned just a moment ago that sunday's new york marathon has been canceled. that decision made by mayor bloomberg after critics claim this is no time for a race. for one bay area woman, it's a huge disappointment. >> months of training, countless miles long. sunday's race couldn't come fast enough. he's about to race on her second new york city marathons. an epic route, going through all five burros, ending in central park. even her boyfriend, a host for the radio alice went to cheer her on. >> when we got on the plane today, to come to new york, the race was on. when we landed and we turned our phones on, the race was off. >> reporter: for the first time in their history, the biggest
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marathon in the world was canceled. >> and they were literally fighting with each other. >> reporter: as early as this morning, the mayor said that the marathon would help them recover, only enraging the other city leaders, people living near the face route. people in the neighborhood were living without water or power. >> they should be more concerned about what's going on now. people are hurting here. people lost lives. >> reporter: tonight in a last- minute decision, city halls and race officials were bound to the pressure. >> it was clear it wasn't going to be a celebration about new york, but a difficult day instead of a day of celebration. >> reporter: they agreed it was the right thing to do. >> certainly it makes you realize that missing the race is not red light big issue.
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>> and now they are going to try to volunteer while they are in new york city. meanwhile race officials will have more information in the coming days on how they will deal with the more than 700,000 participants without a marathon to run. elizabeth cook, cbs 5. one last sandy item. this is time lapse video of new york during the storm. you can see how windy it is. and then you can also see the precise moments on the power when it went out in lower manhattan. and the power is still out to thousands of homes and the businesses there. new york's power company will expect much of it to be back on by tomorrow. we're proud to announce that our parent company, they have contributed $1 million to the american red cross. in addition, cbs corporation will match any contribution made by its employees here to
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nissanty-related relief effort, by making additional contributions to the american red cross. as for the presidential race, the biggest campaign event on the schedule today was the monthly jobs report. nationwide they added 171,000 jobs in october. but with more americans looking for work, the unemployment rate moved up slightly from 7.8 to 7.9%. some more numbers for you. yes, you are looking at nate silver's political calculus blog at the new york times. maybe you check it out every day. maybe we would just turn you on to a great internet time killer. either way we're going to focus on what silver rivers to as the tipping point stakes. by that he means the probability that the state will decide the decisive electoral votes. look at ohio with a 51.5% chance of deciding the
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election. maybe silver is right and wrong, but as they show us, both campaigns, they sure seem to think that the buckeye state will make all the difference. >> reporter: in the battle for the support of ohio's women, nancy is in the infilatory. she attended an ann romney event last night in strongville, which took place just a couple days after putting on a full day at the headquarters. stressing the economy as the primary women's issue. >> the race will be very close in ohio. you can make the difference. >> reporter: in 2008, women made up 52% of the vote here in this late stage. they are hunting for the particular voter. >> it is exciting when you finally get one that's undecided. >> polls seem to suggest that there is still some ground to make up. >> i've been in so many
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campaigns as the excitement does make a difference. >> there is plenty of enthusiasm at the shaker heights coffee shop where they preside over the party like a drill sergeant. >> right, clearly, they cannot read it, it is worthless. >> reporter: but the latest cbs news poll of ohio shows them leading governor romney here, 56% to 39% among women. those in dempsey's group are all democrats, opposing personal messages to the undecided women voters. >> your lives don't matter. it's all about the campaign. >> you're as close to the ground and the ground game as you can get. >> we are the ground. people have posted their parties in their homes. to give it to them. this is happening all over. >> reporter: and both sides are well aware that 40 years ago they supported mr. obama 53 to 45% and helped him carry this state. dean renoylds, cbs news,
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cleveland. and in the bay area, some are taken to the streets in their last push targeting still undecided voters. the one thing that is forcing the ballot counters to work overnight. >> around our district there is probably about at least 8 to 9 corners like this. >> reporter: corners where the schoolteachers are waiting a last-minute battle to encourage voters to support proposition 30 as the state sales on the income tax hike that they say, they would stop more education cuts, targeting undecided voters. those making up their minds in the polling booth or who are waiting until the last possible minute to mail in their ball los -- ballots and plenty of them are. >> if you have not mailed them yet, you are getting risky about that ballot. >> reporter: he has talked to the civic groups, claiming they are still undecided. not about who to pick for president, but about what proposition to support.
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it shows. >> if you look at our tally equipment, you can see where people changed their mind. not on candidates, but on measures. >> that 11th hour head scratching is putting a squeeze on san francisco to this area, even though it will be lower than in 2008. those voting, they are waiting and waiting. causing an influx of the last- minute ballot and forcing ballot counters to work overtime. >> i have never done a split shift before. until now and with so many mail-in ballots still out. it's a sign that there is time to sway votes on those still waiting. >> reporter: lights are still on here at the clerk and recorders office. employees will be working here into the night. a reminder that your ballot will be due by 8:00 p.m. at your county's office on election night. at this late point in the game, it is probably best to turn it in in person.
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it's a frightening scenario for sure. you're at home in the middle of the day when someone tries to break in. a woman in piedmont has been targeted not once, but twice in less than ten days. just like the first time, two crooks rang the doorbell. when she didn't answer the door, they broke a window. the victim's daughter said that's when the mom grabbed a baseball bat. >> she was in her bathrobe and grabbed this bat. and she went down the stairs, slapping it into their trunk. >> wait a minute, your mom was in a bathrobe? >> yeah, her crime fighting outfit. >> reporter: the woman chased the burglars and swung at their car as they sped off. denting the car's trunk. piedmont police say that while they understand her frustration, they want people to avoid confronting the bad guys. meanwhile in oakland, officers are lending a hand to the overworked and understaffed oakland police department. the highway patrol will be
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doing traffic enforcement in high crime areas. and the chp spokesperson says that the officers, they started their patrols yesterday. san francisco police are looking for the cyclist seen on surveillance video attacking a muni station agent. police said that the suspect kicked and punched the worker repeatedly after he told them that bikes were not allowed on the platform. this happened on october 10. the agent is still recovering from his injuries. and he can't go back to work y. investigators, they want witnesses to come forward. well, it was a nice selling point for this particular car. >> it was definitely one of the factors that we paid attention to. >> but the miles, they just didn't add up. what these car owners will get now that the mileage numbers have been proven bogus. i had a dollar in my pocket. and they just shut my cable off. >> and then everything changed.
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the unlikely turn of events that put this woman on a path to $23 million. and a lot of stuff on out there that people shouldn't put in their mouths. i'm thinking cleaning agent, glue, paint, poison. well those will remain on store shelves for you while an ingenius death toy will soon disappear.
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tougher in the tri valley tonight, after an all right, take a look at this, getting a lot tougher in the tri valley tonight after overturning on northbound 680 in pleasanton. it happened at noon shutting
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down both freeways for hours. they opened it up at about 5:00. by then the damage was done. the cbs 5 reporter told us what the kia and hyundai owners might expect to get in return. >> reporter: the kia car owners relied on the honor's system when it came to their car's fuel economy. they said it was posted right on the window sticker at the car lot. >> you heard that the mileage might be off by a mile or two? what do you think about it? >> it's the first time i heard about it. it's surprising. >> reporter: what's surprising is when they conducted their fuel testing. there is an error in their testing procedure. covering approximately 41% of the vehicles, sold by the two
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companies here since 20 so. and now the company say that they will be paying the owners back for the additional fuel cost. issuing them the debit cars. they will get one, low mileage was a selling point for them. >> yes, it was definitely one of the factors they needed to pay attention to. >> reporter: the largest drop will be for the kia soul. their estimate will be lowered by 6 miles a gallon, taking it down to 29 mpg. fuel economy for the hyundai elantra is reduced by one mile per gallon. hyundai sonata and the optima are not involved. the kia's general manager is still confident that the quality of all kia vehicles speak for itself. >> very good driving machine that competes against any other foreign vehicle. and the prices compared to them as well and the warranties are over the top. >> reporter: the car manufacturers are definitely making good. they say to make up the problems, they are issuing
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these debit cards. the average price of gasoline now and plus an additional 15% that they will throw in. bring your car to a dealership and they will give you the debit card. that's the latest here, cbs 5. the southern california grandmother, almost missed her chance to cash in on a multi- million dollar lottery ticket. cbs 5 reporter, sharon chin, explains how this woman finally realized she was sitting on a gold mine and just in the nick of time. >> reporter: with tears in her eyes, julie arrived at the lottery office with her family to claim her $23 million super lotto plus winnings. >> once in a while i will hit the floor on my knees and scream. >> reporter: the 69-year-old disabled widow almost missed out on the super prize. >> i was like oh my god, that is me. >> reporter: and the california lottery put out this photo this week when no one claimed the prize that was about to expire. and in the photo is her daughter. >> i was just like oh my gosh.
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i just started screaming. screaming. >> reporter: the victorville family stopped at michael's market and liquor in palm dale last may, but not to buy a ticket. >> i got car sick and i said i need to grab some water and we did and she was like get me a lottery ticket and i was like no, no, no, i'm just getting. and she is digging in her purse for a dollar and i'm like okay, i'll get you a lottery ticket. >> reporter: but the ticket would sit in the car console for five months until the photo appeared. >> soy put -- so i put my $0.99 glasses on and put two pairs to see and it was sharlena. >> she admits at first she thought her daughter was in trouble. >> so i got the third pair, put them on, and it said she won. >> reporter: she said that the money has come just in time. >> and i had $1 in my pocket and they just shut my cable off. >> reporter: she had five children, one killed last year in a motorcycle accident and two adopted foster sons with
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disabilities. she's not sure if she will be planning for her grandchildren all, but she will provide for them. >> my grandkids will be taken care of. my daughters. i'm just so happy. >> it'll take four to six weeks for her to receive the cash option payout of $17.8 million. she says that one of the first things she'll do is buy a pair of athletic shoes for herself and what else? take her family to disney land. dana? >> i love that story. it is really perfect. >> a nice happy ending. >> thanks so much. >> yeah. a pretty nice beginning to your weekend outside right now. we have mostly cloudy skies, but it's comfortable outside. mid to upper 50s. 57 in san francisco. wait until you see how warm our temperatures are going to get. record heat coming in the forecast. i'll have it for you next.
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probably shake his head in disgust. after a long hard fight... the maker of buckys is givin they would probably need to shake their heads in disgust after a long hard fight. the maker of buckie balls is
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giving in, discontinuing alproductions. the government has been after that company for years. this is a toy if you don't know about it. but the makers of buckie balls are pulling the products because of baseless and relentless legal badgering by the government. >> well. i don't know. >> don't put magnets in your mouth. >> yeah. >> rule number one. rule number two the rest is -- rule number two, and the rest follows after rule number one. everything else is great after that. all right, here's what we've got going on weather wise as we head for the weekend. not only beautiful and sunny and mild, but it will be 49 hours long. here's why as we are falling back. check the smoke alarms too over the weekend. saturday night, sunset at 6:08. sunday, sunset at 5:07. the sun is going down earlier, but what a beautiful afternoon that you'll have on sunday.
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we do have cloud cover out there because as a front passing on by to our north, high pressure is just strong enough to keep the rain to our north, but we did get some of that cloud cover. as for what will happen over the weekend. high pressure will be stronger, pushing the storm track further to the north, giving up mainly sunny skies and giving all the rain fall here. for us in the bay area of northern california, beautiful weather. if anything as we head towards sunday, monday, and election day, high pressure will be getting stronger. and migrate just a little more to the north for the perfect november recipe. northwest flow of air as you're going to get sunshine and temperatures approaching the record levels. some of you inland will be getting up near 80 degrees for three straight days. for the weekend, it's all about the 70s. the highs inland and near the bay and the near record highs on monday and tuesday and as for rainfall, you need to wait for that this week. now, we'll talk highs for the first time of the weekend tomorrow. downtown san francisco, near 70 degrees. it is real comfortable weather
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outside tomorrow. and redwood city at 72. mountainview at 73. brentwood 77. mid-70s for sonoma, kentfield, upper 60s for daily city, 67 degrees. it's all about the sunshine. near 80 on monday and tuesday and no rainfall until next friday. we'll be right back.
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ok...1-0 record o e a new look that the warriors put them on the line. all right, okay. their 1-0 r record is on the line in the home opener tonight
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as they are excited to be back. taking on memphis in the second quarter. oh, one of the problems, the turnovers. their pass lead to two points as they are up by 14, on off to the second half. he had 26 points for the night to keep it close, but they would put it away, going up with the big jam. memphis wins. friday night football. getting tricky. chris harper on the reverse and a touchdown. they were up 13-7 before this. a 3rd and goal play, okay? so the penalties had it back that far and then they completed the touchdown pass. huskies win, final of 21-13 and to add insult to injury, they lost that with a left knee injury on that play. wow. they are now 3-7.
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